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Have your sermons available on demand and on your website! Podcasting has grown significantly in recent years and there are many reasons why churches should take advantage of this.

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Podcast Production

Your Church. On Demand, everywhere.

Podcast distribution sites

This is where our team is here to help. Church By Design will work with you taking away the workloadand making it as simple as possible. With proffessional audio engineers on team, we can ensure your podcast is the best quality possible for your members.

While this is true, facebook and youtube videos aren't easily searchable to find exactly what you are looking for. It also isn't as easy to have on while people drive to work or go for a run. Podcasts allow people to go direct to your message and easily pick up where they left off.

IIt allows your congregation to refresh their memory on last weeks sermon throughout their week and provides a whole catalog of what your church have been focusing on. With most churches broadcasting live anyway, it's easy to take that and turn it into a podcast, accessible via your website or on major streaming platform such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We can help with the production and distribution so you don't even have to think about it. 

Why Podcast?

People can already listen back via our Live Stream.

We don't know where to start with a podcast.

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What We Can Do For You

Produce and edit your podcast each week

Distribute your podcast with all the relevant information across multiple platforms

Provide episode art work and audio handles for your podcast.

Advise in how you can capture the best quality at your church.

More About Our Services

Your sermons, fully mixed, produced and distributed on all major platforms including your website.

Podcast Production

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Custom website optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile with ongoing support.

Web Design

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Full setup, on going support and integration with your website

Churchsuite Integration

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Ready to Get Started?

Book a free clarity call with no obligations. You can ask questions and chat about what the process looks like and whats required.

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Our Work

Below is a selection of sites we have worked on, each with their own style to suit the organisation.

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