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Let's streamline your digital systems so it works for you and not against you. ChurchSuite makes weekly church administration easy.


ChurchSuite Integration

"A bad system will beat a good person every time."

W. Edwards Deming

Like most new systems there is set up involved, a learning curve and how to implement it in your church. We set up and teach you how to use it effectively. Churchsuite has a fantastic support team available and answer questions fast, however, sometimes you just need to sit down and talk with someone to walk you through. As well as set up, we provide training and ongoing support to help you through and incorporate it seamlessly into your website so you are always up to date

Store member information and communicate in a number of ways to keep your church up to date. Manage rotas effortlessly by viewing peoples unavailability ahead of time and any clashes in serving dates. Manage bookings, sell tickets for events and online giving all from one place. On top of that, your congregation can see whats happening in your church via an app on their devices. This has been a game changer in church administration tools.​

Churchsuite is a third party church administration tool that has many advantages for both church organisation and church members. You can check out their website here.

What is ChurchSuite

What does it do?

Why Us?


How does ChurchSuite Help?

Check out some of our most common use cases with ChurchSuite and what areas can be made easy. Rotas for example is a common area of going back and forth and making drafts on a word more! Make a rota once knowing your teams availability in advance.

Manage the groups you are part of. Join a bible study group or a team to send or receive communication from that group and stay up to date.

My Groups

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website design

My Rotas

If you serve on team the rotas menu will be available. Here you can accept and decline invitations to serve and see what role you are serving and when.

This tab allows you to manage your giving to the Home Church, either by one of payments or recurring subscriptions. You can also manage which fund you wish to give to and edit any time.

My Giving


See all emails in one convenient place. As well as receiving emails to your registered email address, you can also view all your emails sent via churchsuite on the app.


My Details

Manage all the details the church has for you including how you would like to be contacted. A section is also available to manage your children's details as well including medical information.

See what is happening at Home Church with the events tab. Here you can see what is coming up and also sign up to any events you are interested in.

My Events

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What We Can Do For You

Build your events and calendar into your website for easy access to visitors.

Create images for events and small groups to make Churchsuite visually you.

Provide ongoing suppport or training sessions for your team.

Assist in set up and implementation in your church.

More About Our Services

Your sermons, fully mixed, produced and distributed on all major platforms including your website.

Podcast Production


Custom website optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile with ongoing support.

Web Design

multiple platforms, mobile, tablet and computer

Full setup, on going support and integration with your website

Churchsuite Integration


Ready to Get Started?

Book a free clarity call with no obligations. You can ask questions and chat about what the process looks like and whats required.

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Home Church Scotland



Consultancy Service

88K Productions
88K Productions

Audio Production

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BCM Scotland


Our Work

Below is a selection of sites we have worked on, each with their own style to suit the organisation.

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