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First impressions often starts with your website, but doesn't have stop there. At Church By Design, we build working digital systems that grow with your church, removing the headache and the learning curve.

Intelligent Design for Everyday Church

Laptop, mobile and tablet design

Church By Design provides professional web design and support services specifically tailored for churches. Our team understands the specific needs and goals of Church and strives to create stunning websites that showcase your community and message.


With our expertise in integrating Churchsuite, a comprehensive church management system; creating a digital system that is practical and easy to use has never been more accessible.

Who Are We?

 Support For Your Church

Digital media isn't stressful with someone by your side each step of the way, taking the weight of the trickier corners! We help solve your digital dilemmas.

Got Questions?

Book a chat with us to find out how we can best serve your church

What We Do

Your website is the digital window to everything that happens in your church. We design and build you a custom website tailored to the look and feel of your church that welcomes prospective visitors.

First we take care of your website

Website Design

Next, we help you get the most out of Churchsuite and integrate it with your website

Churchsuite is an amazing tool for churches but is it making your life easier or causing more headaches? We can help you save time and energy by guiding you through and as a bonus we link your events onto your website so it's always up to date.


Turn your Sermons into a Podcast, making them available everywhere...including your website.

Live stream and youtube is great and all, but how about catching up on the message while you drive to work? Our professional audio engineers can edit, produce and distribute your church message each week, making it convenient for your congregation to catch up and listen back.

Podcast Production


  • We use Wix for all of our sites. It offers incredible flexibility and customisation at a small monthly cost. But also, while we would love to offer a choice of platforms, by specialising in Wix means we can deliver great results quickly and solve any issues that may arise with ease. It allows for complete confidence that what we offer will be up to standard..

  • Yes, if you have a website that you love and represents you why change it. We can still chat to find out where you feel needs improvement and work from there, Churchsuite can often be a daunting management tool to start with, we can make it easier by providing trainign and support, or help you make your sermons available via podcast platforms.

  • Yes! If you already have a great website but just need a little bit of help setting up Churchsuite or getting your sermons podcast ready, then thats great! We provide custom package depending on your needs, so get in touch and find out if we can help.

  • Churchsuite is a tool and like most tools, you don't have to use it but it can make life easier! Churchsuite is the system we recommend as it is a full infrastructure for your church. In our own church it has made Rota's and Events a breeze. So we highly recommend it for any growing church and we can offer full support to make it less complicated and daunting!

  • In our experience, churches start to struggle when they grow past 150-200 members. Thats a lot of people to keep up to date with and possibly a busy week to keep track of. We want to help make sure no one falls through the cracks. Building a system that grows with your church early can help with this, so you are more confident using it as your numbers grow.

  • Short answer, no, but it definitely helps! A website is often the first thing people see when they are looking at a new church, if yours doesn't show the best of your church, is hard to navigate and looks the same as everyone else, they may decide to move on. However if your website is hand crafted, it may encourage them to visit in person or at least leave a lasting impression. This isn't a one box solution to guarantee people come through the door and stay, thats up to you.


    However, with our help, we will make sure you have a good first impression. You will also be able to manage busy aspects of church without the pressure on your team and stress of keeping track of church events and digital systems in your spare time when you aren't working. 

  • We wouldn't be able to manage a site on another platform at this time. However, if your current one doesn't meet a specific need you have we would love to chat. We would take care of the transfer to Wix and build your site from the ground up using the information already on your current site. Wix also offers responsive functionality, meaning your website looks great on any device, desktop or mobile. 

Still got questions?

Get in touch or book a free call to clarify any information about our services. We would love to meet you and find out if we can help.


Most importantly, we want to stay involved and see your church grow.  From website updates to solving problems, we handle it all so you can focus on what matters most — Church.


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